Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice

           Personal Information refers to any information, whether or not recorded in a material form, which can identify an individual. To effectively deliver our services, we are required to collect the following from you:



Date of birth;


Civil Status;


Home Address;

Contact Numbers;

E-mail Address;

Health Data;

Benefit Availments;

Your Credit Card Information;

PhilHealth Identification Number;

Professional License Information (for Medical Affiliates and/or Employees with Professional Licenses applying to us);

Government-issued and/or Employer Identification Card (with photo);

Non-personal Information, such as those provided by your device, which may include the IP address, your geolocation, operating system, browser type and version, and other machine identifiers;

Personal Opinion/s and/or Comment/s to our Products and Services;

We strive to deliver efficient, accessible and affordable healthcare. In line with this, we collect your personal information to:

Process, review, and approve your application for enrollment for employment, affiliation and/or coverage in any of our products and services;

Process your orders and availments of our products and/or services, reimbursement and/or claims, healthcare market research; and

Comply with applicable laws of the Philippines, the laws on the prevention of money-laundering, including the provisions of Republic Act No. 9160, otherwise known as Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2001 (as amended)

We collect your personal information from different means:

When your employer, as part your medical and healthcare benefits, provides necessary information about you

When you fill up our application forms, agreements and other similar or related documents;

When you log-in to and use our website, mobile applications and other web-based platforms;

When you avail of our products and services through our affiliates;

When you get in touch with our customer service representatives to inquire, file a complaint and/or or request for our products and services; and

When our principal member provides necessary information about you, in case you are a dependent;

           We also collect your personal information from other sources that are commercially or publicly available, such as published directories and public documents. We may also obtain your personal information from third parties and other sources, provided that you have given your consent for such disclosure or where it is lawfully permitted on our part to acquire such information.

           The personal information we have collected from you shall be stored and processed in Makati City, Philippines. It shall be retained only for a period necessary to serve the purpose for which it was collected or as required under any contract or by any applicable law. Thereafter, your personal information shall be disposed in a secure manner that would prevent further processing, unauthorized access and/or disclosure to any other party.

           In the course of providing our products and services to you or in accordance to the agreement that you or your employer have entered with us, we normally engage the services of and/or interact with third parties, such as, but not limited to, our affiliates, subsidiaries, financial advisors, affiliated third parties and/or independent/non-affiliated third parties and service providers, whether local or foreign.

           To this end, we may be required to disclose your personal information with the stated representatives for any legitimate business purpose as we may deem appropriate for your benefit, including, but not limited to, outsourced processing of our transactions, profiling or historical and/or statistical analysis, and as necessary to provide you with our services or for you to comply with your obligations in accordance with the agreement that you or your employer have entered into with us.

In accordance with the provisions of the Data Privacy Act, you have the right to:

Be informed whether your personal information about you is being or has been processed. This includes processing through automated decision-making and profiling;

Require us and/or any of our representatives to correct any personal information about you which is inaccurate;

Object to the processing of your personal information in case of changes or amendments to the said information supplied or declared to you;

Access your personal information; and

Suspend, withdraw or order the blocking, removal or destruction of your personal information from our system. Such act/s serves as your understanding and acknowledgment of our right to terminate the services or agreement with you.

If you feel that any of your data privacy rights have been violated or your personal information needs rectification, you may address your concerns to our Data Protection Officer.

           We recognize and respect your privacy rights, as well as the value of your personal information. In upholding these, we endeavor to keep your personal information’s confidentiality, integrity and availability by employing physical, organizational, technical, and procedural security standards. Only authorized and well-equipped persons may handle your personal information, and whenever we engage other representatives to provide services for us, we require them to protect your personal information in line with our own safety measures. Online, we use a secured server that is being maintained with firewall, encryption, anti-virus and other appropriate security controls. Also, we anonymize your personal information with sufficient controls when we perform profiling and machine learning necessary to deliver our services.

           This Privacy Policy may be modified or amended from time to time to keep up with any changes in applicable laws, rules and regulations, especially those relating to how we use, collect, store, share, dispose and protect your personal information. Such update shall be promptly posted on this website. We recommend that you review the privacy policy posted in our website from time to time.

For any questions and/or concerns about this Privacy Policy, please contact:

Lorenz D. Laguilles
Data Protection Officer
(02) 779 6566
MediLink Network, Inc.
Lower Deck, CIBI Information Center,
Makati City, 1205 Philippines