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Important Reasons to Vaccinate Your Child

Dyana Macalino   September 17, 2018

A growing concern for many parents now is if they should have their babies vaccinated. With the trend of vaccines causing autism, dangerous side effects, and belief that the body’s natural immune system should suffice to defend the body, fewer people are opting to have their children vaccinated. However, vaccines are known as one of the best ways to protect the babies and children from diseases. Here’s the lowdown on why it’s crucial to have your kids vaccinated...



Herbal Medicines Vs. Synthetic Drugs Which is Better?

Dyana Macalino   August 29, 2018

When it comes to taking care of our health, it is important the right medicines are taken when we are sick. We take ibuprofen for headaches, analgesics for flu, antihistamines for allergies, and other man made medicines for different maladies. But another popular product is herbal supplements. Some use ginkgo biloba to improve memory, garlic supplements to stabilize blood pressure, melatonin to help get better sleep, and fish oil supplements to improve cardio vascular heath. A long standing debate is on what type of medicine is better - herbal or synthetic medicines?...


Health Care

The Impact of Technology on Healthcare

Dyana Macalino   September 15, 2018

In the world of technology, computers and machines play a crucial role in many fields. Healthcare is one of the industries where technology has made things easier and more efficient for doctors, patients, hospitals, and healthcare providers. Not so long ago, everything had to be done on paper - hospital records, transactions, and availing medical insurance benefits to name a few. As medical technology improves, countless lives are saved and quality of life improves. Let’s take a look at how technology has changed healthcare for the better...



Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Dyana Macalino   September 21, 2018

Anyone who has spent a night tossing and turning in bed will feel grumpy, tired, and less alert. Long term effects include weight gain, weaker mental abilities and all sorts of health problems such as heart attacks, stroke, and diabetes. Here are 6 results of sleep deprivation.