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Important Reasons to Vaccinate Your Child

Dyana Macalino   September 17, 2018

A growing concern for many parents now is if they should have their babies vaccinated. With the trend of vaccines causing autism, dangerous side effects, and belief that the body’s natural immune system should suffice to defend the body, fewer people are opting to have their children vaccinated. However, vaccines are known as one of the best ways to protect the babies and children from diseases. Here’s the lowdown on why it’s crucial to have your kids vaccinated.

It saves time and money

Children who are unvaccinated may be refused admission to certain schools and child-care facilities like daycare. It also puts the child at risk and causes them to be more exposed to vaccine-preventable diseases. If a child gets sick or hospitalized, it can take a financial toll on family expenses resulting to lost time and money. School and word days can be missed which lead to decreased productivity. An unvaccinated child is at risk for long-term disabilities which lead to long-term care and expensive medical bills. On the contrary, getting vaccinated is a good investment as it protects the child from diseases.

It is safe and effective

Vaccines can only be administered to the public after it has been carefully studied by doctors, scientists, and other health professionals. Though they can be uncomfortable when given as it can cause temporary pain, swelling, and redness where it is injected, it is nothing compared to the trauma and misery incurred from a disease that a vaccine can prevent. Though severe side effects such as serious allergic reactions are possible, it is very rare. The benefits of disease preventing vaccines outweigh the possible side effects for most kids.

It does not cause autism

Some parents are concerned that vaccines can cause autism but this is not true. 7 years ago, a study about a combination vaccine for measles, mumps, and rubella (also called MMR vaccine) and how it caused autism in children . This false belief is popular because autism emerges at the same time that vaccines are given, when a baby is 1 year old. However, this does not mean that vaccines are the cause of autism.

Serious diseases still exist

Vaccines are one of the greatest medical advancements in history as they have reduced and even eliminated many diseases. Because of vaccines, most parents no longer see the effects of the plague, measles, polio, or whooping cough on a child or community. However, this does not mean that these diseases are thing of the past. There are some kids that are prone to these illnesses and if the vaccination rate in a community is low, an outbreak is likely to occur.


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