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MediLink takes part in Earth Hour 2020

Angelica Ma. Beatriz F. Kalaw   March 30, 2020

As we re-adjust our routine, let’s take a moment and look back on a good old quarantine memory — the time we took part in Earth Hour 2020.

So, why was Earth Hour an important event, anyway? See, as the years pass, it’s not only humans that are getting older. Our home, the Earth, is also aging and now, more than ever, it needs us to take care of it so it can continue to take care of us.

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MediLinkers at home share pictures of what they did for Earth Hour 2020

However, the kind of lifestyle we, humans, have in these modern times is becoming alarmingly destructive to the Earth. The fossil fuels we burn for energy are leaving dangerous gasses in the atmosphere and causing global warming. The land we clear for our homes and infrastructures are depleting the planet of rich forests and wildlife. These are truths that every inhabitant of the Earth should be aware of so that everyone can help in their own way to change and better our ways for the good of the environment.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and its partners recognized the need to take action and made Earth Hour, a lights-out event that started in Sydney in 2007, an annual event to raise awareness towards climate change. It is simply a day in a year where people are encouraged to turn off all non-essential lights for an hour in support of the movement. Now practiced by more than 180 countries around the world, Earth Hour is not just as a show of solidarity but it is also an inspiration showing that it is possible for the world to do collective action for the environment.

MediLink is one with WWF in believing in collective action amongst the people. This is why for Earth Hour 2020, MediLinkers took part by joining the MediLink #EarthHour Challenge despite being under community quarantine. In this challenge, MediLinkers were informed of Earth Hour’s cause and invited to pledge their participation in this year’s movement held last March 28 at 8:30 - 9:30 p.m.

MediLinkers happily took on the challenge and sent us photos of their lights-off moments. Aside from spending time with their family and enjoying their favorite hobbies, it was great to hear that they also made it a time to reflect on what is happening to the Earth. Mc Daryl Jumawid, a MediLink technical developer, who watched “Interstellar” during Earth Hour even shared, “I chose this movie because it reminds me to do whatever we still can. And through participating in the #EarthHour challenge, I believe we have taken a step in saving our home planet.”

Truly, that is something we must remember. No matter how big or small the participation, it is imperative that we unite and take action. The MediLink #EarthHour Challenge may just be a simple step towards saving the planet but we hope it encourages everyone to start making bigger ones for the good of the Earth and our future.


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